Becoming a Member

Membership The Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Association is the professional association in the commonwealth of Kentucky that focuses exclusively on the needs of physicians who specialize in psychiatry. The KPMA addresses all aspects of psychiatric care and includes public, academic and private practice psychiatrists, as well as psychiatric residents. Why Belonging as a Member is Important • The KPMA maintains a strong voice in the Kentucky Legislature and state regulatory agencies – advocating for the profession and our patients • The KPMA provides representation of psychiatry at the Kentucky Medical Association • The KPMA participates and provides leadership in coalitions with other mental health professionals, patient and family groups in advocating for access to quality care, ending stigma and discrimination against patients and psychiatric treatments • The KPMA provides education about psychiatric disorders by working with the news media and disseminating information to patients/consumers, family members and the general public • The KPMA offers quality CME programs through scientific meetings • The KPMA represents Kentucky psychiatrists in matters before the American Psychiatric Association • The KPMA provides you the opportunity to have input and participation through committees and local KPMA chapters The KPMA is your advocate and your representative in these challenging times. Without a strong and unified organization, who else will advocate for the interests of psychiatry? Qualifications for Membership The APA and the KPMA are organizations composed primarily of medical specialists who are qualified, or in the process of becoming qualified, as psychiatrists. The basic eligibility requirement is completion of a residency program (or currently enrolled in an accredited residency training program) in psychiatry accredited by the Residency Review Committee for Psychiatry of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPS), or the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). Applicants for membership must also hold a valid medical license (exception: hold an academic, research or governmental position that does not require licensure), and provide one reference who is an APA member. The APA has a dual membership requirement whereby APA members must also be members of the district branch within whose jurisdiction they reside or practice. Likewise, to be a KPMA member, you must also be a member of the APA. Categories of Entry Membership Members-in-Training (MIT): Physicians who have been accepted into a psychiatric residency training program that is approved by the ACGME, RCPS, or AOA and remain enrolled therein. Residents enrolled in a one-year primary care training program to be followed by an approved psychiatric residency are eligible for Member-in-Training status. Dues Member-in-Training (1st year waived): $0 General Member, 1st year: $114 General Member, 2nd year: $197 General Member, 3rd year and on: $280 Fellow and Distinguished Fellow: $ Life Member/Life Fellow/Life Assoc., years 1-5: $187 Life Member/Life Fellow/Life Assoc., years 6-10: $193 Life Member/Life Fellow/Life Assoc., years 11 and beyond: Waived APA Click here for more information. How to Apply If you wish to apply for membership in the KPMA and the APA or would like more information, please contact us at: