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Dr. Zubi Suleman, appointed by Governor Beshear, has been a key figure in the advocation for the well-being of Kentuckians through her membership on the Eating Disorder Advisory Council. 

Through this council, Dr. Suleman has taken on a leadership role as one of the committee chairs dedicated to Health Service Providers education. The core objective of this council is to address existing gaps and barriers in the care of individuals grappling with eating disorders within the state of Kentucky.

Committed to raising awareness about the grave implications of eating disorders and the imposing weight stigma within both the general population and healthcare professionals, Dr. Zubi Suleman undertook the initiative of presenting a resolution on eating disorders and weight stigma in Kentucky to the KMA Reference Committee.

It is with great pleasure to announce that this resolution was recently voted on and passed by KMA House of delegates on August 28, 2023, and is now formally integrated into the KMA’s policy framework. 

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Zubi Suleman and her dedicated team for their unwavering efforts and for laying the foundation for advocacy endeavors in this critical area.

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