Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Association advocates on behalf of our patients and our profession. It is vital that the voice of psychiatry be heard.

The 2023 Federal Advocacy Day of the American Psychiatric Association was a unique opportunity for me, a minority woman with a disability who is also fellowship trained psychiatrist, to share my unique perspectives with lawmakers. I spent time with fellow psychiatrists from Indiana, David Diaz and Alyssa Smith, during my meetings with Congressional staffers throughout the day. This was an exciting and worthwhile experience educating legislators about mental health care and advising on House and Senate bills. I was able to visit the offices of Representative Morgan McGarvey and Senator Mitch McConnell and speak with staffers and answer any questions about mental healthcare. Many of the staffers told me my advice was particularly helpful and they plan to keep in touch with me in case they should have more questions in the future. I am so grateful to the American Psychiatric Association for this amazing experience to educate legislators and make a difference for people suffering with mental illnesses and their families. Walking around on Capitol Hill gave me newfound respect for the work our lawmakers and their staffers do on a daily basis. I know many of the people I spoke with during our meetings had family members with personal struggles with mental health challenges and felt the need for more adequate mental health care acutely. The daily work that psychiatrists all around Kentucky do is appreciated by our legislators very much. They also want to ensure that Kentuckians have a better quality of life especially with regard to their mental health. 

On February 7, 2018, physicians from across the state met with their respective Senators and Representatives to discuss public health issues, scope of practice, and access to care amongst other topics in Frankfort. The KPMA had a group of psychiatrists, including residents, that worked in conjunction with the Kentucky Medical Association to bring attention to various issues they face every day at work providing patient care.





Representative Clark



Psychiatrists and primary care physicians gather at an August, 2014 PAC fundraiser for Representative Clark.

Members of The Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Association during 2014 Advocacy Day in Frankfort, Kentucky.